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The Mixed Reality Lab is the state of the art laboratory at Oklahoma State University, that focuses on research in augmented reality, virtual reality and digital prototyping. The Lab is housed in the College of Human Sciences, and is affiliated with the Department of Design Housing and Merchandising. Research carried out in the lab ranges from technology related research on older adults, technology use in design education and design practice. The Mixed Reality Lab is funded in part through the College of Human Sciences.


The lab is equipped with VR, AR, Motion Capture. Eye tracking and Psychophysiological technology.



Please click on the link to see faculty members and students who work in the Mixed Reality Lab 


Researchers in many departments at OSU has used the Mixed Reality Lab's equipment for their research projects. There are a few ongoing projects in the lab.  


The lab offers workshops throughout the year, focusing on STEM related activities and digital media. We have conducted workshops for middle school and high school students as well as public school teachers in the past.

Inside OSU with Burns Hargis: Mixed Reality Lab

President of Oklahoma State University, Burns Hargis visited the Mixed Reality Lab in April, 2017. He visited with the researchers and students about how the lab is utilized for both research and teaching.

News: VR+AR Symposium at OSU

VARCO (Virtual and Augmented Reality Coalition of Oklahoma) Recently organized a symposium that featured prominent speakers such as Vinay Narayan (HTC Vive) and Cathy Hackl (You are here Labs)

News: Inaugaral AR+VR Hackthon

Stillwater Newspress article on the AR+VR Hackathon conducted at OSU

News: Hacking Real-World Problems with Virtual and Augmented Reality

An article was published in the Campus Technology Online Journal about the Hackathon that was organized through the Mixed Reality Lab

News:Mixed Reality Lab puts focus on the future

An article was published in the Stillwater Newspress about how students at Oklahoma State University is taking advantage of the Mixed Reality Lab.

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