The Mixed Reality Lab is the state of the art laboratory at Oklahoma State University, that focuses on research in augmented reality, virtual reality and digital prototyping. The Lab is housed in the College of Human Sciences, and is affiliated with the Department of Design Housing and Merchandising. Research carried out in the lab ranges from technology related research on older adults, technology use in design education and design practice. The Mixed Reality Lab is funded in part through the College of Human Sciences.

Mixed Reality Lab received an honorable mention at the Campus Technology Innovators Awards 2016  
vrfirst Mixed Reality Lab partners with the VR First Initiative                                                                                                                                                                
Mixing It Up in the Design Lab: The Virtuality-Reality Continuum : Article about the lab in the Campus Technology online magazine idec
Mixed Reality Lab: Interior Design Matters on Teaching, Research and Community Outreach : Article about the lab in the IDEC Exchange (Spring 2016)
Katja Siamionava Completes her MS! Congratulations Katja!