On going projects at the Lab

1. Augmented Reality based object locating and information system mobile application for individuals suffering from disabilities.

In this project we developed an application for an Augmented Reality object location and information system based on visual and spatial organization to use on electronic mobile devices for adults with physical disabilities and mild memory loss due to strokes. The application functions as a mapping device for locating certain objects and providing information within the living space of the individual.

This project was funded by the Bartlett Family grant for promoting independent living among individuals with physical disabilities

2. Neuroaesthetics in Interior Design: Using virtual visualization techniques in understanding user perception of Hospitality industry interior environments

                                                                                                                                                                            image source- http://centsandcentsabilities.com/

Interior environments in the hospitality industry, has a profound impact on customer experiences and, ultimately, on satisfaction and desire to return. The current study incorporates cognitive load theory and aims to identify hotel room features that provide an optimal cognitive load to customers, thus improving their perception of the rooms and, ultimately, their stay. The specific aims of the study are to (1) to identify interior color and texture combinations that provide an optimal cognitive load to customers and (2) to develop guidelines for hoteliers on what color and texture combinations create most favorable perceptions of hotel rooms. The primary hypothesis of this research is that optimal cognitive load will affect behavioral intention of the customers in hospitality industry interior environments. Through an objective research methodology of incorporating neuroimaging and virtual reality technology this study proposes to fill a critical gap in the hospitality interior design knowledge.

3. Reducing Falls in Rural Agrarian Older Adults through Mobile Virtual Reality Systems