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The assignment

As a member of an assigned group of 5-7 students, your group will select one of the scenarios then frame the question and provide a solution. The solution needs to be mobile, and it needs to be something that one person can carry, or wear.

The deliverables

Provide a narrative to your solution using the scenarios mentioned above. Then develop a solution together as a team. Present your scheme visually with a maximum length of 7 minutes. The presentation needs to include the following

• Narrative

• Concept

• Sketches

• 3D renderings that illustrate the concept

• 3D printed/or manufactured prototypes or parts (optional)

• Anything else that helps explain the project

The process

In this unique project, you will be working with Apparel Design students in DHM as well as Product Design students at the Icesi University in Colombia (online collaboration). In order to work with the schedules of all the students involved, this project will take place on 11th, 12th and 13th of October 2019.