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The assignment

As a member of an assigned group of 5-7 students, your group will select one of the scenarios then frame the question and provide a solution. The solution needs to be mobile, and it needs to be something that one person can carry, or wear.

The deliverables

Provide a narrative to your solution using the scenarios mentioned above. Then develop a solution together as a team. Present your scheme through a video with a maximum length of 3 minutes. The video needs to include the following elements.

• Narrative

• Concept

• Sketches

• 3D renderings that illustrate the concept

• 3D printed/or manufactured prototypes or parts (optional)

• Anything else that helps explain the project

The video will be presented by the team in a synchronous meeting to a panel of reviewers at the end of the project.

The process

In this unique project, Oklahoma State University Interior Design students will be working with Industrial Design students at the Icesi University in Colombia (online collaboration). You will be require to work in teams through asynchronous collaborative sessions. Two lecture sessions are assigned to have synchronous collaborative meetings in virtual reality environments. This project will be introduced in September 21st and has a due date of October 9th 2020. 

The bellow agenda displays the times and responsibilities before and after class.



September 21st


Brief introduction Team conformation
Scenario assignation 

Before Class


After Class

Students must contact team members and establish a working agenda.

September 28th

Synchronous online meeting

Each team member has to bring ideas of the concept.

Teams must developed the ideas into design proposals.

October 5th

Synchronous online meeting

Teams must bring developed proposals for discussion and detail design

Teams must complete their design proposal and develop the deliverables.

October 9th

Video Presentation

Have ready all the presentation deliverables.